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Wedding Dance Lesson Present - Trial Lesson Voucher

Trial Lesson - £60

  • Wedding Dance lesson trial voucher presentThe trial lesson is 1 hour long and is suitable for everyone.
  • No previous dancing experience is required.
  • They will be shown a few basic moves that they can link together for their song.
  • This is just a taster, the couple will require more lessons if they are to complete a full routine to their song.
  • The couple can upgrade to a full Standard Package if they wish to after completing their trial lesson.
  • On confirmation of your payment you will receive a voucher with a unique id to give to the couple.
  • The voucher is then redeemable by them as and when they wish to take the lesson.

To purchase a Trial Lesson as a present please call us now on 0208 123 2864 to pay by credit card over the telephone or click the button below to go to the PayPal Secure Payment Server.

Present Trial Lesson - £60

Contact us if you have any questions.

First Dance UK Voucher Terms & Conditions

  1. Vouchers should be redeemed at least 4 weeks prior to the couple's wedding. No refund will be given on
    any voucher that has not been redeemed within the 4 weeks prior to your wedding.
  2. In the unlikely event that we cannot find an available choreographer to teach the couple, and they contacted us over 4 weeks prior to their wedding, we will refund the voucher in full by sending a cheque to the couple equal to the value of the voucher.
  3. Every voucher has an expiry date. Expired vouchers are not useable or refundable.